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Caring Wood, by James Macdonald Wright and Niall Maxwell / Image ©James

Here’s an architecture that accommodates the desire to be together and the desire to be apart in a way Georges Perec might have been familiar with—he who, in his piece titled Species of spaces, wrote that “to live, is to go from one space to another trying one’s best not to bump into things [and people].” (there’s probably a better translation but I haven’t found it!)

Congrats James Macdonald Wright and Niall Maxwell for the gorgeous Caring Wood house’s low energy design and the “use of clean green technologies […] in the regional application of building form, material choices and detailing”.

The house is  winner of 2017 RIBA House of the Year! It has “excellent sustainable credentials” and “provides a carbon neutral response to climate change.  The form of the building was developed around a central courtyard with oast towers providing summer cooling by passive stack ventilation”. 

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