Trains fantômes

Un train abandonné de la ligne Orient Express [via] ©Preciousdecay

Certains d’entre nous, lorsqu’ils pensent au train, se souviennent avec nostalgie de cabines aux sièges en velours d’où émanait parfois une effluve de parfum ou de tabac à pipe, de menuiseries au verni patiné et du vendeur ambulant, souvent d’humeur joviale et communicative, paré d’un tablier blanc, au commandes de son chariot généreusement rempli de viennoiseries et de boissons chaudes.
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Glenn Murcutt, or the luxury of Time

Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Center, West Cambewarra (New South Wales) © Anthony Browell

Browsing through paramount huts and other minimalist architectures projected these past few years, we could not help but think back at when we were architecture students, and how Glenn Murcutt’s architecture and philosophy scarred us for life—one of those scars you cherish and are proud to exhibit.

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Looking good…

Caring Wood, by James Macdonald Wright and Niall Maxwell / Image ©James

Here’s an architecture that accommodates the desire to be together and the desire to be apart in a way Georges Perec might have been familiar with—he who, in his piece titled Species of spaces, wrote that “to live, is to go from one space to another trying one’s best not to bump into things [and people].” (there’s probably a better translation but I haven’t found it!)

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Architecture Manifesto

Casco Lofts Houthaven by Marc Koelher Architects / Photo ©Marcel van der Burg

The World Architecture Festival marked its tenth anniversary with a manifesto identifying key challenges which architects will need to address over the next ten years: climate, energy & carbon, water, ageing a&d health, re-use, smart city technology, building technology, cultural identity, ethics & values, power & justice, and virtual worlds.

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Revisiting our first month of activity

On October 13th, exactly one month ago, Frontale made its debut at the Maison de l’Architecture en Ile de France, when the Couvent des Recollets hosted the local nominees of the prestigious Europe 40 under 40 prize. This second edition of the National Architecture Days was the opportunity to look into the 16 French architects selected to compete, whose projects from a wide range of scales gave us motive to rejoice: they reminded us how human beings can be talented at pushing back boundaries.

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