Architecture Manifesto

Casco Lofts Houthaven by Marc Koelher Architects / Photo ©Marcel van der Burg

The World Architecture Festival marked its tenth anniversary with a manifesto identifying key challenges which architects will need to address over the next ten years: climate, energy & carbon, water, ageing a&d health, re-use, smart city technology, building technology, cultural identity, ethics & values, power & justice, and virtual worlds.

The intention is to generate research funding which will contribute towards work in universities or other research institution/programme investigating aspects of these subjects.

WAF 10 Prize winners exhibited architectures of varied scales and purposes that went from the Casco Lofts Houthaven imagined by Dutch Marc Koehler Architects to the Tagpuro Project by Eriksson Furunes, Leandro V. Locsin Partners and Jago Boase. The latter is an elegant and appropriate architectural answer to address vital needs in Tacloban, Philippines. It was designed for Streetlight: a non-profit Norwegean organisation that “started as a vision of hope, love and care for the needy street children […] a dream-factory where children are given tools to choose a better future.”

Amsterdam’s Superlofts Houthaven Plot 4 also got MKA a nomination for the ARC17 Innovation Award “for the development of a new housing concept in which construction systems are used in a flexible way and residents are insured of maximum freedom of division within a future-proof block. ”

Now we hear Qatar might choose a “container-based” project for its 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium…  Another sign that modular & re-usable architecture is no longer a whim?

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